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JAVA Technologies

Java technologies are an open source programming platform that enables building quality websites, web portals and web applications. It is estimated that Java runs on more than 850 million computers worldwide and billions of devises including mobile and TV devices.

Challenges faced by organization and companies
  • Companies and organizations need a web presence in terms of websites, web portals, ecommerce online sales and applications.
  • In the ever changing and ever growing world, you the companies need to evolve and stay ahead of enormous competition that exists in your business.
  • Lack of web presence with robust deployment makes your company less competitive
  • Stagnation leads you to increase costs, reduced income and plethora of challenges
  • How we at The Independent Consulting can help you.
  • The Independent Consulting possesses with highly qualified, enormously experience software engineers and technical architects with decades of experience in building robust websites, web portals and web applications using Java, MySql, J2EE, JTS, JMS, JAAS, JDOM, JSF, Struts, JDBC, XML and other Java tools
  • We understand study, analyze your existing infrastructure, formulate technical specifications document, build road map implementation plan, design, develop and deploy websites, web portals and applications using Java technologies.
  • We at, The Independent Consulting ensure you increase your online visibility, drive traffic and generate business.
  • With our Java technology based services you can easily increase your time to market, beat competitors and reach and increase customers to manifold levels.