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Mobile Solutions

Mobile phone are not just the need and necessity of the people on the surface of this planet, rather they have become a part and parcel of our lives. A recent survey has revealed that these devices will outnumber the population of our planet soon. It no longer is a phone for voice conversations; the advent of smart phone and internet availability, there is absolutely and literally nothing that we cannot do on mobile phones. Listen music, play games, send/receive emails, pay bills, manage bank transactions and indulge in online buy and sale. With so much is available on finger tips, and with the advent of tablets, it is said that the personal computers and laptops will become passé.

Iphone / Ipad

Iphone and Ipad are the products of Apple Inc. As we all are aware, these devices have revolutionized the way we interact, communicate and engage with each other through voice communication, information sharing.

Challenges faced by organization and companies
  • There are about 1.5 Billion smart phone in use around the world
  • By the end of this year (2013) 294 million smart phones will run on iOS (Iphone)
  • 41.9 tablets were shipped globally in the first quarter of 2013
  • Is your business Iphone optimized? If not then your business is losing big.
  • How we at The Independent Consulting can help you.
  • The Independent Consulting has nurtured, trained and build experienced mobile applications developers and designers to meet this growing demand.
  • Our Iphone/Ipad applications developers and designers are adept at coding robust, scalable applications.
  • We hold enormous experience in building Iphone/Ipad applications in the areas of statics, dynamic, gaming, ecommerce web portals.
  • We build market ready applications to help your garner your market share and grow your business